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translate online is a game-changing component of our cloud-based translation management system, i plus®, which provides secure access to online translation memory technology – including the ability to share translation memories between internal and external translators if required.

translate online gives you the flexibility to choose the best process for your business, while benefiting from advanced online translation memory technology. This ensures that text is translated consistently and easily with automatic recognition of “exact” and “fuzzy” matches where content has been translated previously, and a clear workflow process, supporting any number of translators and documents.

The easy-to-use web interface of our online translator tool requires no desktop installation, allowing user access anywhere with an Internet connection and on any system including Windows, Mac and tablets. There is full support for live previewing (including for Adobe InDesign files) and re-routing of translation tasks to other translators – along with all the customisable access-level permissions and other benefits which come with i plus.

Why translate online?

Companies have their own preferences and resources for online translation projects. Some may want everything provided by a language services company; others may choose to have part of their content translated internally by in-house teams while outsourcing the rest; and some may have all their content translated internally.

Carrying out translation in-house can mean that you either have to buy expensive translation management software and ensure employees receive weeks of training – using up valuable time and money – or potentially reduce your efficiencies by carrying out projects without any structure or software, taking up much more time and money than necessary.

Our online translator tool, translate online gives you complete control, and makes your online translation process much simpler. You’ll benefit from our advanced online translation memory technology.

Our pricing fits all types of clients. The monthly subscription is based on the number of users accessing translate online:
1 to 599.00119.00169.00890.001,090.00
6 to 20249.00290.00419.002,290.002,690.00
21 to 50349.00419.00589.003,190.003,890.00
51 to 100449.00539.00759.003.990.004,990.00
100 +NegotiableNegotiableNegotiableNegotiableNegotiable

We offer a 25% discount on all the above subscriptions for clients of our translation or interpreting services*

* To qualify for this discount, a client must send at least 10% of their translation or interpreting jobs to be carried out externally by translate plus.

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translate online features
  • Easy-to-use web interface
  • Supports all file formats
  • Customisable multi-user access to suit all requirements
  • Full online translation workflow functionality
translate online benefits
  • Flexible process to work with available resources
  • Full access to i plus features
  • Cost, speed and consistency optimisation due to translation memory
  • Enables a seamless mix of internal and external translation if required

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Our clients say

""The feedback received from the client on the German translation was that they were very happy with the quality!""

Victoria Bennett, Research Manager


Our clients say

"Thanks to you and your team for the excellent work and quick turnaround."

John Harrison, Road Marketing Manager

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