Our retail translation services have helped some of the largest retail brands, such as Bestseller, Ecco and Selfridges, to deliver integrated fashion translation solutions that allow them to speak with their customers easily and in over 200 languages on a daily basis.

Translating content for retail is what we do as part of our retail translation services. Our team of experts can localise your content, whether it’s on your website, in-store, via e-mail, or in brochures. Our retail translation services will help you engage with your international customers and increase revenue.

Using our translation management system, i plus we offer a single platform through which to manage all of your language requirements, including the review stage via our industry-leading solution review plus.

From integrating with your CMS, DMS or PIM system to retrieve and deliver content, to allowing you to instantly generate reports on cost, project status and bespoke KPIs, our seamless solution ensures you have a 360° overview of your project at all times.

We understand that keeping costs low is just as essential for you as achieving a consistent brand message and tone throughout your global communications. Using our retail translation services we create a personalised brand style guide, glossary and translation memory at the start of every project to not only ensure we are using the correct style and terminology from day one, but to deliver the maximum cost savings by reusing previously translated content.

Within the retail sector, your brand is everything. The way you communicate with your customers defines their relationship with you and ultimately, how likely they are to spend with you. This is relatively easy to manage in your own home language, but when you need to achieve this across multiple languages and cultures, it can become very difficult and complicated. That’s where our retail translation services come in.

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Our clients say

""The feedback received from the client on the German translation was that they were very happy with the quality!""

Victoria Bennett, Research Manager


Our clients say

"Thanks to you and your team for the excellent work and quick turnaround."

John Harrison, Road Marketing Manager

The Met Office