QA & regulatory affairs

Our certified translation services are fully compliant with the translation quality standard ISO 17100, a prescriptive standard for the entire translation process.

We supply accurate translation by adopting methodology from the SAE J2450 quality matrix which is geared towards technical translations requiring a high level of accuracy, incorporating a quality metrics system which we offer our clients to measure our QA translation performance.

To achieve an accurate translation and an overall high level of quality, we build and utilise glossaries for all of our clients. By doing this, you can be sure that the terminology used in your certified translation services will be specific to your organisation’s products and offers, in turn ensuring that any complex or brand-specific terminology is conveyed across all media and languages.

We have experience working with the QA and Regulatory Affairs departments in a range of regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, energy, and banking. Our dedicated certified translation services team understand the need to employ rigorous QA checks before delivery, starting with our selection of linguists through to our final proof reading.

An accurate translation with a high regard for attention to detail is never more important than if you work in Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs roles. Therefore, when you need QA translation it is essential that you can rely on your provider to always deliver a perfectly accurate translation.

An inaccurate translation could affect your business’s legal standing as well as increase the health and safety risks for your customers. Take advantage of our certified translation services today.

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Our clients say

""The feedback received from the client on the German translation was that they were very happy with the quality!""

Victoria Bennett, Research Manager


Our clients say

"Thanks to you and your team for the excellent work and quick turnaround."

John Harrison, Road Marketing Manager

The Met Office